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The eclipse on my 0 Leo Mercury. Opportunity just passed my IC. Something from the past. Who knows. Her birthday is the day of the eclipse, Jan 20th. So she will be experiencing a solar and lunar return simultaneously. Any thoughts on how she can fully take advantage of this moon and what to expect? I was asked to leave the job end Dec and we are having discussions since then.

Can you advise if I can regain this position through Jan 21st eclipse please? I have never seen such a challenging chart for the US. Eclipse was tightly conjunct my Mercury but nothing happened that I know of. Where is your North node? This point is said to guide your destiny. Glad to hear it. My NN is 21 Taurus. But my Sun is 17 Leo and asc is 12deg45 Leo. Nothing has clicked. So about 6 months from now. You just made my day. I checked 6 months from now and you were spot on.

Uranus will be conjunct my MC at that time. And the full moon in June will be smack on my progressed MC. Plus a couple of conjunctions to that stellium you mentioned. Progressed Moon in 10th house. Almost forgot, SA Moon conjunct that stelllum. Any more thoughts? Prog Moon angular 10th will hone your command of day-to-day activities, while undergoing personal resurrection during the evenings.

Priorities become clearer now. During this 9 year period, which you are in, Go To the South Node until age When the eclipse series is over at this age, revert to following your NN. I was looking at the progressed Gault discovery chart today, and I believe it has prophetic value.

What do you think? You would know a lot more than me. Tertiary is third level. Thanks for those details. We have harpooned the great whale Gault, and a Tertiary look seems to be in order. I can confirm that this eclipse is culminating scandalous events triggered by the previous Leo-Aqua axis eclipses.

Also, I really felt the positive Jupiter-Venus conjunction. Hope everyone is experiencing a fortuitous boost from that.

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Since we are looking at a country chart, the New Electric could be plausibly, the newly electrified asteroid Gault, which, in the Constitution chart, resides at 18 deg Aqu, along with asteroid Child and Pluto. The inception occurred last November. Perhaps look for further evidence the beginning of Leo , when your Mars conjuncts the Sun, and the capability of a successful birth is enhanced.

Provocative ideas. Also, the inception of what happened last November? Fascinating, Gerald! Interesting Sun-Gault conjunction, but what is known about the astrology of the Gault asteroid? Do you have links? We are creating the astrology in real time. How have you taken full responsibility for yourself since? When Mother moon beams at her fullest potential, our emotions become heightened, but more importantly, the full moon phase is a symbol of completion. So you can already imagine the effects of the full moon lunar eclipse.

Sitting conjunct Pluto Rx, alongside Saturn Rx and the South Node, this lunar eclipse is equivalent to an emotional purge from the heavens. Pluto is the Lord of the Underworld, and its duty is to uncover that which is hidden beneath the surface. So themes related to ancestral traumas, past wounds, and taboo-like emotions hidden, deep within our psyche, could very well resurface during this time. Are you ready to turn the page once and for all?

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Have no fear. When the moon is full, it sits directly opposite the sun, and aside from being a call for balance, this is a representation of the divine feminine and masculine energies within us. Capricorn is a symbol of authority, foundation, government, hierarchies, and structure. What do your long-term goals look like? Are you emotionally fulfilled?

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Change is here, and Capricorn knows no mercy. Granted, no one said pushing through previously-set structures, and social conditioning was going to be easy, but rest assured, the universe has your back. Despite the rest of the aspects one should consider during this lunation, the sun and North Node in Cancer have the upperhand.

There is power in emotional vulnerability, as the divine feminine is already speaking through you. You are not the traditions, structures, and foundations that were instilled in you as a child.

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You are an infinite being with a colorful expression, and endless feels. Read your full moon partial lunar eclipse horoscope and reflection below:. The full moon lunar eclipse is activating your ambitious tenth house of career, prestige, and reputation in the world. Now, given that this area of your chart belongs to Saturn-ruled Capricorn, it, too, has everything to do with authority figures, along with your most prominent parent.

What does this mean? Reflect on the following, Aries: What do your long-term goals look like? What kind of legacy do you want to leave in the world?

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Explore the unknown, Taurus. The full moon lunar eclipse is igniting your expansive ninth house of philosophy, travel, education, long-distance journeys, and mental horizons. So aside from possibly venturing into a completely different territory, some of you might even come across an adventure of a lifetime. Reflect on the following, Taurus: What is your definition of freedom?

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Have you considered something outside your immediate community? Ready to play detective, Gemini? What can I say? Eclipses bring powerful endings, and with this particular eclipse even more so, as it will ignite your eighth house of sex, transformation, and power.

Stop lying to yourself, and face your demons. Reflect on the following, Gemini: What are you willing to let go of in order to make your life easier? Are you involved in any toxic entanglements that could be detrimental to your spirit? A new world awaits, Cancer. Saturn conjunct Pluto on Jan 12 brings quite a positive outcome however where your best friends shoulder some of the burden for you for a change just when you need it.

On Jan 13 Ceres conjunct Pluto reveals a karmic payback from your oldest and closest friend thereby bonding you together for all time. Jupiter travels through your 11th house practically all year Until Dec So it is helping a shy Saturn along in networking and making friends. During this year you really should get by with a lot more than a little help from your friends. With the Jupiter conjunct South Node around Jan 8 , friends you already know are likely to be more generous than usual, both with their time and with hosting parties.

Ceres has the strangest orbit where some years it is as fast as a personal planet and other years it functions more like Jupiter. This year it divides itself mainly between Aquarius and Pisces and retrogrades twice so it is more personal. Before it does we have a Persephone -esque connection of Ceres conjunct Pluto in your 11th house on Jan 13 this could mark a day of investment with a friend.

Maybe you set up a dream business together, but it can keep you in a kind of karmic contract also so make sure you really trust this friend. Black Moon Lilith.